About us

CERT Australia is the national computer emergency response team. Established in 2010, CERT is the primary government contact point for major Australian businesses to:

  • receive and respond to cyber security incident reports
  • receive support and advice in responding to and mitigating cyber incidents
  • monitor cyber security incidents or attacks to develop a threat picture
  • provide advice and alerts to its partners to enhance their cyber security resilience.

CERT Australia is not a regulator. Our services are free and we do not compete with commercial services in the market.

We help Australian businesses understand the cyber threat landscape and better prepare for, defend against, and mitigate cyber threats and incidents.

We are the primary point of contact for cyber security issues affecting major Australian businesses and are a trusted source of information and advice on cyber security issues.

We provide advice and support on cyber threats and vulnerabilities to the owners and operators of Australia’s critical infrastructure and other systems of national interest (SNI).

These businesses and industries underpin essential service delivery across Australia, including banking and finance, communications, energy, resources, transport and water. Our work is helping to ensure Australia can continue to be a trusted place in the world to do business.

CERT Australia is a critical player in the Australian Government’s  Cyber Security Strategy, which aims to enable innovation, growth and prosperity for all Australians through strong cyber security.

We manage the Joint Cyber Security Centre program, which is a key initiative of the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Strategy and brings together business, academia and government agencies to enhance collaboration on cyber security.

We also manage the Stay Smart Online program, which provides topical, relevant and timely information on how home internet users and small businesses can protect themselves from cyber threats.

We deliver the Australian Internet Security Initiative, which aims to make the internet a safer place by providing information to internet providers on malware infections and service vulnerabilities, to help them advise their customers of risks.

We have direct working relationships with government and business CERTs around the world, including through groups such as the Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST).

By using government, industry and international networks, CERT Australia provides its partners with the most useful and effective advice possible, as soon as possible.