Australian Internet Security Initiative

The Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI) operates as a public-private partnership where Australian internet providers voluntarily work with CERT Australia to help protect their customers from cyber security threats.

The program helps to reduce malicious software (malware) infections and service vulnerabilities occurring on Australian Internet Protocol (IP) address ranges. Daily email reports are sent to internet providers identifying IP addresses on their networks observed as being infected by malware or potentially vulnerable to malicious exploits. Internet providers are encouraged to use the AISI data to identify and inform affected customers about their malware infection or service vulnerability. This includes providing advice to infected customers on how they can fix the compromise or remedy the open or vulnerable service.

Prior to July 2017, the AISI was administered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which undertook research in relation to the value and role of the program. The research consisted of 24 interviews with ISPs and universities and found:

  • many of the internet providers interviewed relied solely on the AISI malware reports for information about malware infections
  • internet providers usually notified their customers of their malware infection by email
  • more than half of the providers interviewed also provided step-by-step assistance to affected customers if needed.

The final report is available to download: