CERT Australia aims to improve cyber security resilience in Australia. We do this by partnering with the owners and operators of critical infrastructure and other systems of national interest to support them in maintaining and enhancing their cyber security resilience.

We provide advice in many forms and also offer a range of services detailed below.

Threat intelligence

We collect and analyse threat intelligence from a range of open and closed sources, including domestic and international partners, to identify and characterise ongoing and emerging threat behaviours. For more information, go to our threat intelligence page.

Incident management

We work with our partners to build resilience to cyber security threats. To complement this proactive approach, we also work with our partners to provide hands-on support when they experience a cyber security incident. For more information, go to our incident management page.

National Cyber Security Exercise Program and Readiness Program

We facilitate the National Cyber Security Exercise Program and the Readiness Program to validate and strengthen Australia’s nationwide cyber security arrangements. For more information, go to our National Cyber Security Exercise Program page.

National Awareness Program

As part of Australia’s cyber security strategy, we are leading the National Awareness Program, in collaboration with stakeholders across government, the private sector and research community. For more information, go to our National Awareness Program page.

Information sharing

One of our key capabilities is how we can share trusted information across sectors, industry as a whole and government. This helps businesses safeguard against threats, respond more effectively to incidents and learn from the experience of others. For more information, go to our information sharing page.

International collaboration

We maintain both multilateral and bilateral relationships with cyber security and CERT organisations around the globe. Our relationships with trusted and highly competent global cyber security experts ensure we have timely, accurate information on the global cyber threat picture. For more information, go to our international collaboration page.

Joint Cyber Security Centre program

The Joint Cyber Security Centre program is a partnership between business, government and academia to enhance collaboration on cyber security. It involves the establishment of five cyber security centres in capital cities across Australia where partners can come together on cyber security issues. For more information, go to our JCSC section.

Australian Internet Safety Initiative

The AISI operates as a public-private partnership where Australian internet providers voluntarily work with CERT Australia to help protect their customers from cyber security threats. For more information, go to our AISI section.

General guidance

We provide a range of general guidance to help organisations guard against cyber threats. We do this through helpful guides and further resources available at Stay Smart Online and the Australian Cyber Security Centre. For more information, go to our general guidance page.