Threat intelligence

CERT Australia collects and analyses threat intelligence from a range of open and closed sources, including domestic and international partners, to identify and characterise ongoing and emerging threat behaviours.

We then share this intelligence with our partners through context rich, actionable and timely information in a variety of formats, including advisories and automated indicator sharing.

This information is critical to ensuring organisations stay cyber resilient.

CERT partners have access to our data-sharing platform to automatically receive threat information in a structured format. This information can then be integrated with existing security capabilities which offers a range of benefits, including:

  • simplified, fast and secure exchange of cyber threat information so businesses can prioritise and implement countermeasures in the face of a threat.
  • improved quality, scope and consistency of threat information.
  • enabling more effective, real-time decision making.
  • freeing response and operations personnel to focus on activities that cannot be automated.

This indicator-sharing platform is open to all of CERT Australia’s partners. To find out more about this service, please go to our contact us page.