Top control system tips

While working with industry, CERT Australia has collated a set of relatively inexpensive and simple to implement improvements that they have seen employed in operational technology (OT) environments.  We have named these simple improvements “Top Control Systems Tips”.

Each organisation should perform a careful risk-assessment of all tips, to ensure compatibility with their own specific requirements and systems.

If you have any feedback regarding either an additional control systems tip, or discover a new issue with an existing tip, please contact the control systems team on info [at]

You can find detail on the eight top tips on our resources page.

Here’s a brief description of each:

Tip 1:     Disable external connections whenever possible

Tip 2:     Implement two-factor authentication

Tip 3:     Disable USB ports whenever possible

Tip 4:     Restrict access to control systems to only authorised devices

Tip 5:     Make regular backups and keep them isolated

Tip 6:     Regularly review firewall rules

Tip 7:     Monitor for unusual network traffic

Tip 8:     Enable logging