Critical infrastructure & big business

CERT Australia provides advice and support on cyber threats and vulnerabilities to the owners and operators of critical infrastructure (CI) and systems of national interest (SNI).

Critical infrastructure and systems of national interest are organisations that provide infrastructure and essential services. They underpin the social and economic welfare of Australia through essential services including banking and finance, defence, communications, energy, resources, transport and water.

If these systems were compromised it could significantly impact on Australia’s economic prosperity, social wellbeing, national defence and security.

Threats to CI and SNI

Critical infrastructure, in particular, is a target for a range of cyber adversaries who want to disrupt or destroy these nationally important assets. Internet connectivity, information and communications technology and industrial control systems are increasingly used to support critical infrastructure delivery, however this also increases the risk and impact of a cyber security incident.

Different sectors experience different challenges and threats. For example, the banking and financial services sector often experiences heavy targeting from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) activity, while the mining/resources sector is often targeted by malicious emails.

CERT Australia works closely with different sectors to safeguard our CI and SNI - facilitating information sharing and alerting businesses when they are being targeted or at increased risk.

Our partners

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