Benefits of being a partner

Partnering with the JCSC program provides your organisation with access to timely (often sensitive) information, direct engagement with other businesses in a non-competitive space and an opportunity to contribute to cyber security innovation in Australia.

As a JCSC partner you can:

  • access sensitive information such as cyber threat intelligence and what businesses in your industry, and across different sectors, are doing in response to cyber threats
  • develop collaborative solutions to cyber security risks and issues affecting your industry 
  • contribute to a common understanding of the cyber security environment and achieve optimal mitigation through the sharing of analysis of incidents, threats and risks.
  • engage with industry and government to share sensitive information such as cyber threat intelligence and what businesses in your industry, and across different sectors, are doing in response to cyber threats.

To become a JCSC partner, check your organisation fulfils the criteria below, then email us at: jcsc [at]

Participation may be either through the centres themselves, or via the JCSC Portal (currently under development).

Participation in the JCSC program is available to Australian Cyber Security Centre agencies, state government agencies, major Australian businesses, academia and other relevant private sector organisations that operate in Australia, noting:

  • Government participants must have a defined role, or key interest in, Australia’s cyber security arrangements.  
  • Businesses are eligible if they:
    • are a registered business with an Australian Business Number (ABN)
    • maintain IT security personnel in Australia and be able to act on operational cyber security or operational technology information shared with it
    • operate systems of national interest, including critical infrastructure (systems of national interest that support the social or economic wellbeing of the nation).
  • Small and medium enterprises registered as an Australian business with an ABN will be able to participate in the JCSC program through the online JCSC Portal.
  • Security vendors and consulting firms that sell cyber security products or services may be invited to participate in, or support, the centres, for specific purposes such as projects or events. Consulting firms that contribute their cyber security capabilities to the JCSC program on a not-for-profit basis will be eligible to participate more generally.
  • Academic, research and not-for-profit institutions will be invited to participate in, or support, the centres with a view to:
    • sharing cyber security research and other information with the JCSC
    • collaborating with JCSC partners on specific cyber security research activities
    • bridging the cyber security skills gap to meet Australia’s cyber security needs.

All partners must sign a Deed of Confidentiality, which sets out the protocols for sharing and protecting information within the centres. Partners can be excluded if they do not adhere to the protocols and deed.


The JCSC governance arrangements consist of a three tier reporting structure to support the delivery of the JCSC program. Each individual JCSC has a local management committee which oversees the delivery of the national JCSC program at the local level. The local management committee reports to the JCSC Council which is made up of the Chairs of local JCSC Management Committees.

The JCSC national program is overseen by the CEO Level JCSC National Advisory Board, which sets the strategic direction and national scope of activities. For further information on the governance arrangements please contact jcsc [at]